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    Downtown Property Rehabilitation

    Are you a local business or property owner? Are you interested in rehabilitating a building, making improvements, or preserving one of the unique properties in downtown Mitchell?

    Let Mitchell Main Street and Beyond help you with the process. Click HERE to see what the process looks like.

    Mitchell's Downtown Business Improvement District

    Mitchell Main Street & Beyond is leading an effort to make major improvements within the historic district. The group has re-vamped the five year old streetscape Business Improvement District (BID) plan in order to generate additional funds to be spent on buildings and infrastructure within the city’s core. These improvements are designed to turn around the deteriorating area and improve the entire city’s quality of life. The improvements will make Mitchell more competitive in attracting new residents to fill our many job vacancies. They will also make Mitchell better able to attract area shoppers and tourists.

    The BID funds will be generated based on assessed property values of commercial business properties within the historic district. Property owners will pay an additional tax of $5 per $1,000 of valuation. The minimum payment will be $120 and the maximum payment will be $3,000 annually. For example, a commercial property assessed at $75,000 would pay approximately $375 per year to the BID. The BID is projected to raise approximately $45,000 per year with a portion of the funds being used as a grant improvement program that would be available to anyone within the district. This grant program would allow owners to make exterior improvements to enhance the historic commercial district. The remaining BID funds would be used for look and feel features and improvements along Main Street. The program would take effect in July 2018 and will be re-evaluated after seven years.

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